garage door repair in Benicia CA 

Garage Door Repair Location in Benicia, CA

Same Day Garage Door Repair
522 West K Street 
Benicia, CA 94510 United States
(707) 750-1129
Benicia, California is a city located in Solano County. 

Same Day Garage door repair is located in Benicia, California and is off Military street and West 5th Street. Down the street from Benicia Health & Fitness Club at (38.056667, -122.164648).


38.056667 °
N 38 ° 3' 24.0"
38 ° 3.4000' (degree m.mmmm)


-122.164648 °
W 122 ° 9' 52.7"
-122 ° 9.8789' (degree m.mmmm)

Same Day Garage Door Repair services Benicia's growing community providing garage door repair, replacement garage doors and openers. We specialize in Benicia style garage doors and can accommodate many custom styles and configurations.

Nearest cities to Benicia:

Port Costa, CA  (1.4 miles ), Crockett, CA  (1.9 miles ), Mountain View, CA  (2.1 miles ), Martinez, CA  (2.2 miles ), Vine Hill, CA (2.3 miles ), Vallejo, CA  (2.4 miles ), Rodeo, CA  (2.5 miles ), Hercules, CA  (2.6 miles ).

Call us today at (707) 750-1129, and we will save you as much as 50% on your garage door repair, spring repair or door opener replacement. We service many cities around Benicia, CA

Interesting Sites to See in Benicia

    * Second capitol of California, with restored building and interpretive historic materials
    * A unique beach called Glass Beach
    * A segment of the bicycle/pedestrian San Francisco Bay Trail runs through the Benicia State Recreational Area and downtown Benicia
    * Benicia Arsenal
    * Benicia Main Street: First Street-Shopping, Dining and Business district
    * Pete Lemone's Historical House